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Methanol is a methyl alcohol (MeOH) is produced naturally in the anaerobic metabolism. Methanol occupies a key question in the chemical industry, mainly used to make wood adhesives and plastics. Also used as an antifreeze, solvent, fuel and because of its toxic properties it used as a denaturant for ethanol. About 20% of production goes in to making of dyes and Perspex and 15% into solvents for paints and dyes. It is also used for polyester fibres, methyl cellulose and silicone compounds and can be used to antiknock petrol additive M.T.B.E.

Methanol is essential in our lives every day. Methanol has enabled human being to function during his day-to-day normal tasks. Methanol in the form of silicone goes into shampoo and the PET bottle. Methanol can also be found in many of the components of the car and possibly in the fuel used in your car. It is also present in the fleece jacket. The fact is, we are surrounded by products that contain Methanol, even though we might not have even known it! Methanol helps support our everyday lifestyles and has done so for many years…enriching the quality of the goods and services we have grown to expect.

2. Acetone:

Acetone (C3H6O)is a colourless, mobile flammable liquid is a typically a solvent for cleaning purposes in the laboratory, an active ingredient in nail polish remover and a paint thinner. It also goes into many solvent applications with pharmaceuticals the largest sector and is used to make a number of chemical intermediates. The solvents sector is also a significant outlet for acetone. Pharmaceuticals is the largest acetone solvent consumer with significant quantities also being used in glass reinforced plastics, cigarette tow, rubber chemicals and household, cosmetic and personal care products. Other smaller uses include electronics, surface coatings, printing inks and hot stamp foils. It is also used as a carrier for acetylene in cylinders.

3. Tetra hydro furan

Tetra hydro furan (C4H8O) is colourless liquid water miscible organic liquid, used in as general-purpose solvent in pharmaceutical industries and in photographic films. It is a HPLC and spectrophotometer grade solvents. Tetrahydrofuran has many uses in the industrial marketplace.  It is a versatile industrial solvent for natural and synthetic resins and is a solvent used in the production of nylon.  It is also an industrial solvent for PVC.

4. Dichloromethane:

Dichloromethane molecular formula is CH2CI2 is used as in manufacturer of in polymer industry in manufacture polycarbonate & phenolic resins, in textile industry for manufacture of rayon yarns, food industry in manufacture as extra tent for edible fats, cocoa, butter and essences. In aviation industry as a aerosol propellant and refrigerant, in process and manufacturing industry used as general purpose solvent in chemical industries including pharma, agro and fragrances and Other usesages as an adhesive for polymethyl methacrylate.

5. Iso Prophyl Alcohol:

Iso Prophyl Alcohol (C3H8O) in Pharmaceutical industry used as a general purpose solvent and in Process manufacturing industry its used for manufacture of acetone, glycerol, isopropyl acetate and as a raw material for isopropyl esters. Also used in brewing in denaturing ethyl alcohol and cosmetics as a body rubs, after-shave & hand lotion.

6. Toluene

Toluene is a clear water-insoluble solvent with a molecular formula of C7H8.  It has an aromatic, benzene-like smell and is a highly volatile flammable liquid with a flash point of 4° C.  It is obtained from petroleum and coal tar and is predominantly used as a solvent in the manufacturing of other organic chemicals. The main chemical use of toluene is to make benzene, xylenes and other solvents.  It can also be used to manufacture other chemicals such as phenol, nitrobenzene, benzoic acid and benzyl chloride.  As a solvent, toluene can be used in paints, paint thinners, adhesives, inks, resins, cleaning agents, leather tanners and inks  The user end markets of this product are the chemical, paints, adhesive, cleaning, leather, plastics, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

7. Aceto Nitrile

Acetonitrile is used in battery applications, a popular solvent in cyclic voltammeter and liquid chromatography. Industrially it is used as a solvent for the manufacture of Vitamin- B, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fragrances, photographic film. Acetonitrile is used mining industry for the extraction and refining of copper and oil industry for extraction of fatty acids from tallow and veg oils.

8. Ethyl Acetate:

Ethyl acetate (C4H8O2) is a colourless liquid with a fruity odour; it is soluble in most organic solvents, such as alcohol, acetone, ether and chloroform. It finds wide application as a solvent across many industries; however, ethyl acetate is only slightly soluble in water. Ethyl acetate is used in industries that cater to end consumers, for example, paints, perfumes, and food industry. Ethyl acetate is an active solvent, and is mainly used in industrial lacquers and enamels. Thus, the paint and printing industry is one of the major consumers of ethyl acetate. It is also used in the manufacture of perfumes, artificial fruit essences, aroma enhancers, and artificial flavours for confectionary, creams, and cakes. In addition, ethyl acetate finds use in flexible packaging due to its evaporation properties, and its use in the extraction of camphor, oil, fats, and antibiotics.

9. Isopropyl Acetate:

Isopropyl Acetate (C5H10O2) is an organic compound a product of condensation of acetic acid and isopropanol, a clear colourless liquid with a characteristic fruity odour. Isopropyl acetate is a fast evaporation solvent. Over three fourths of it is used in gravure printing inks for plastic films, in coating, perfumes and adhesives.

10. Trityl Chloride

Triphenylmethl chloride or trityl chloride is a chlorinated hydrocarbon with a molecular formula of C2HCl3.  It is colourless liquid with a sweet smell that is widely used as a vapour degreaser for metal parts.  This product is a non-flammable liquid, having no measurable flashpoint or flammable limits in air.  It is miscible with most organic solvents but only slightly miscible in water.

The major use of trichloroethylene is as an industrial solvent for the vapour de-greasing and cold cleaning of metal parts.  Trichloroethylene is also used as an extraction solvent for greases, oils, fats, waxes, and tars, a chemical intermediate in the production of other chemicals (e.g.  insecticides and fungicides) and as a refrigerant.  It is also used in consumer products such as paint stripper, adhesive, cleansing fluids and correction fluids.    The main user end market is the plastics, metal, paints, adhesive and cleansing industries.

S. No

Solvent Purification

Specification of Recovery Solvents

Specification of after Distillation: Distilled Solvents

1 Recovery Methanol ML's to Distilled Methanol Recovery Methanol - Min GC purity 95%, MC : 5 to 15% Distilled Methanol - GC Purity <99.0% MC >0.1%
2 Recovery Acetone ML's to Distilled Acetone Recovery Acetone - Min GC purity 95%, MC : 5 to15% Distilled Acetone - GC Purity- < 99.0% MC >0.5%
3 Recovery Di Methylene Chloride to Distilled Di Methylene Chloride Recovery MDC - Min GC purity 95%, MC :0.3% Distilled MDC - GC Purity < 99.0% MC >0. 1% <0.25%
4 Recovery Acetonitrile to Distilled Acetonitrile Recovery Acetonitrile - Min GC purity 92%, MC :2 to 15% Distilled Acetonitrile - GC Purity- above <99.0% MC >0.1%
5 Recovery THF to Distilled THF Recovery THF - Min GC purity 92%, MC :1 to 15% Distilled THF - GC Purity- above <99.0% MC >0.1%
6 Recovery Ethyl Acetate to Distilled Ethyl Acetate Recovery Ethyl Acetate - Min GC purity 95%, MC :1 to 15% Distilled Ethyl Acetate - GC Purity- above <99.0% MC >0.1%
7 Mix of EthylAcetate + THF Separation of Ethyl Acetate and THF Mix of Ethyl Acetate + THF - Min GC purity EA- 70%,THF-30% MC :1 to 10% Distilled E A - GCpurity- <99.0% MC >0.1% Distilled THF- GC purity<99.0%, MC>0.1%
8 Mix of MDC + Acetonitrile Saparation of MDC and Acetonitrile Mix of MDC + Acetonitrile - Min GC purity MDC- 70%,ACN-30% MC :1 to 10% Distilled MDC - GCpurity- <99.0% MC >0.1 to0.25% Distilled Acetonitrile- GCpurity<99.0%, MC>0.1%
9 Mix of Toluene + THF Separation of Toluene and THF Mix of Toluene+ THF - GC purity Toluene- 70-80%, THF-20-30% MC :1 to 10% Distilled Toluene - GCpurity- <99.0% MC >0.1% Distilled THF- GCpurity<99.0%, MC>0.1%
10 Mix of Toluene + Hexane Separation of Toluene and Hexane Mix of Toluene+ Hexane - GC purity Toluene- 70-80%, Hexane-20-30% MC :1% Distilled Toluene - GCpurity- <99.0% MC >0.1% Distilled Hexane- GCpurity<99.0%, MC>0.1%

Drug Intermediate

M R - 105 C to 112 C